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Corner Sofas

Corner Sofas

Offering comfort and style our selection of corner sofas both reclining and fixed are a perfect addition to any home. Design your own custom sofa with fabrics or leathers to suit your individual taste or choose a modular suite to accommodate any type of living space. 

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Inca Corner Sofa Offer

Inca Corner Sofa

Relax in comfort with this beautiful mid-century style corner sofa with its sumptuous cushions which..

1,699.00€ 1,599.00€ Ex Tax: 1,300.00€

Arlo Lounger Sofa Offer

Arlo Lounger Sofa


2,099.00€ 1,799.00€ Ex Tax: 1,462.60€

Brooke Corner Sofa Electric Offer

Brooke Corner Sofa Electric

Relax in comfort with the Brooke electric reclining corner sofa. Finished in a luxurious smart fabri..

2,899.00€ 2,399.00€ Ex Tax: 1,950.41€

Carlie Large Corner Sofa With Drinks Console Offer

Carlie Large Corner Sofa With Drinks Console

With its luxurious padded armrests and generous seats, the Carlie corner sofa is the perfect so..

2,999.00€ 2,099.00€ Ex Tax: 1,706.50€

Emma Corner Suite Offer

Emma Corner Suite


1,750.00€ 1,499.00€ Ex Tax: 1,218.70€

Jupiter Corner Sofa Offer

Jupiter Corner Sofa


2,599.00€ 2,150.00€ Ex Tax: 1,747.97€

Lynn Corner Sofa Offer

Lynn Corner Sofa


2,475.00€ 1,995.00€ Ex Tax: 1,621.95€

Maddie Corner Sofa Offer

Maddie Corner Sofa


1,799.00€ 1,299.00€ Ex Tax: 1,056.10€

Madena Corner Sofa Offer

Madena Corner Sofa


1,680.00€ 1,499.00€ Ex Tax: 1,218.70€

Newbury Corner Sofa Offer

Newbury Corner Sofa


2,399.00€ 1,999.00€ Ex Tax: 1,625.20€

Vegas Corner Suite Offer

Vegas Corner Suite

The Vegas sofa collection is sure to add a touch of luxury to any home. The perfect balance of moder..

1,725.00€ 1,599.00€ Ex Tax: 1,300.00€

Vicky Reclining Corner Sofa Offer

Vicky Reclining Corner Sofa


2,399.00€ 1,999.00€ Ex Tax: 1,625.20€

Zoey Corner Sofa Offer

Zoey Corner Sofa

With its scandi inspired design, the Zoey sofa is simple yet eye-catching. Angled arms and a comfort..

1,999.00€ 1,599.00€ Ex Tax: 1,300.00€

Ellie Corner Sofa Offer

Ellie Corner Sofa


2,399.00€ 1,999.00€ Ex Tax: 1,625.20€

Hamilton Corner Sofa Offer

Hamilton Corner Sofa


2,699.00€ 2,275.00€ Ex Tax: 1,849.59€

Harmony Corner Sofa Offer

Harmony Corner Sofa


2,150.00€ 1,999.00€ Ex Tax: 1,625.20€

Quinn Corner Electric Offer

Quinn Corner Electric


2,399.00€ 1,999.00€ Ex Tax: 1,625.20€

Primus Corner Sofa

The Primus corner sofa is both practical and stylish with its attractive design and fabric colour. T..

2,150.00€ Ex Tax: 1,747.97€