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Alex Electric Recliner Offer

Alex Electric Recliner


1,199.00€ 975.00€ Ex Tax: 792.68€

Bellini Recliner Offer

Bellini Recliner


525.00€ 449.00€ Ex Tax: 365.04€

Faro Electric Recliner Offer

Faro Electric Recliner

Adjust the powered headrest or electric recliners at the touch of a button, sit back, relax and put ..

735.00€ 625.00€ Ex Tax: 508.13€

Finley Glider Recliner Offer

Finley Glider Recliner


599.00€ 499.00€ Ex Tax: 405.69€

Isla Chair Offer

Isla Chair


750.00€ 625.00€ Ex Tax: 508.13€

Jessie Recliner Offer

Jessie Recliner

Relax and recline in comfort in the Jessie recliner sofa. Featured in a cosy beige fabric with cushi..

699.00€ 599.00€ Ex Tax: 486.99€

Jupiter Recliner Offer

Jupiter Recliner


799.00€ 599.00€ Ex Tax: 486.99€

Logan Recliner Offer

Logan Recliner


775.00€ 549.00€ Ex Tax: 446.34€

Lugo Electric Recliner Offer

Lugo Electric Recliner

Relax in comfort with the Lugo electric reclining sofa. Upholstered in a versatile slate microfibre ..

699.00€ 575.00€ Ex Tax: 467.48€

Madena Chair Grey Offer

Madena Chair Grey


625.00€ 560.00€ Ex Tax: 455.28€

Metz Recliner Offer

Metz Recliner


699.00€ 599.00€ Ex Tax: 486.99€

Millie Chair Pink Offer

Millie Chair Pink


625.00€ 560.00€ Ex Tax: 455.28€

Nero 1 Seater Electric RR Offer
Nevada Recliner Offer

Nevada Recliner


699.00€ 599.00€ Ex Tax: 486.99€

Olivia Electric Recliner Offer
Orleans Recliner Offer

Orleans Recliner


699.00€ 599.00€ Ex Tax: 486.99€

Ormonde Recliner Dark Grey Offer
Ormonde Recliner Sandstone Offer
Quade Recliner Offer

Quade Recliner


575.00€ 470.00€ Ex Tax: 382.11€

Sophia Armchair Green Offer

Sophia Armchair Green

The perfect combination of luxury and elegance, the Sophia Sofa features a subtle, refined silhouett..

899.00€ 675.00€ Ex Tax: 548.78€

Sophia Armchair Grey Offer

Sophia Armchair Grey

Add a touch of luxury to your living space with the Sophia Sofa collection. The Sophia Sofa features..

899.00€ 675.00€ Ex Tax: 548.78€

Sylvester 1 Seater Reclining Offer
Travis 1 Seater Electric RR Offer
Vegas Armchair (Display Model) Offer

Vegas Armchair (Display Model)

The Vegas sofa collection is sure to add a touch of luxury to any home. The perfect balance of moder..

640.00€ 585.00€ Ex Tax: 475.61€

Willow Reclining Chair Brown Offer
Willow Reclining Chair Grey Offer
Zoey Chair Offer

Zoey Chair

With its scandi inspired design, the Zoey sofa is simple yet eye-catching. Angled arms and a comfort..

699.00€ 499.00€ Ex Tax: 405.69€

Athena Recliner Offer

Athena Recliner


725.00€ 620.00€ Ex Tax: 504.07€

Blake Recliner Offer

Blake Recliner


625.00€ 549.00€ Ex Tax: 446.34€

Dani Recliner Offer

Dani Recliner


725.00€ 475.00€ Ex Tax: 386.18€

Darwin Electric Recliner Offer
Geno Reclining Chair Offer

Geno Reclining Chair


675.00€ 550.00€ Ex Tax: 447.15€

Grant Recliner Offer

Grant Recliner


599.00€ 495.00€ Ex Tax: 402.44€

Phantom Recliner Offer

Phantom Recliner

Where style meets functionality, the Phantom reclining sofa is the perfect addition to any living ro..

699.00€ 575.00€ Ex Tax: 467.48€

Tetrad Wicklow Wing Chair Offer

Tetrad Wicklow Wing Chair

Tetrad is synonymous with expert craftsmanship and quality handmade furniture for over 50 years. An ..

1,995.00€ 1,575.00€ Ex Tax: 1,280.49€

Indie Recliner Offer

Indie Recliner


475.00€ 375.00€ Ex Tax: 304.88€

Otto Electric Recliner Offer

Otto Electric Recliner


875.00€ 550.00€ Ex Tax: 447.15€

Pacific Chair Offer

Pacific Chair


475.00€ 350.00€ Ex Tax: 284.55€

Axis Chair

The Axis swivel chair is an ergonomic, retro style chair with a contemporary twist. Create a space t..

560.00€ Ex Tax: 455.28€