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Interior Design Advice

“Great design answers a question, offers a solution and solves a problem.” - Dana Hughes


Deciding on the finishing touches of your home and how it should look can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Now more than ever there is a strong emphesis on interior design and home styling. In this current pandemic era homes are not just for living in. Homes are now seen as a place to work, learn, live and exercise. Covid -19 and the emerging economic climate may have a signaficant influence on future design trends of homes in Ireland. Increasing costs associated with both buying and building new homes along with the rise in the number of people working from home has meant that space is now a premium commodity.  


Ultimately, people are recognising the importance and benefits associated with planning a space correctly. Spaces now need to be both functional and flexible as the boundary between work and leisure is no longer fixed. With this in mind, people are prioritising a work/life balance which is reflected in their homes. 



What is Interior Design?

Interior design is the enhancement of the inside of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people who use the space.


The Benefits of Interior Design

  • Utilise & maximise use of space

  • Create functional space

  • Work within a specific budget

  • Express your personality

  • Create comfortable space


Design Advice At Bolands of Gorey


Did you know two members of our sales team are also interior designers. Stuart and Tony have a wealth of knowledge and over 40 years combined experience in interior design with both commerical and residential clients in Ireland and abroad. If you need general design advice in relation to colours, textures, styles and more please feel free to visit us in store. 


Please note: - we are more than happy to provide comlimentary general/casual design advice whenever possible in store. If you wish to engage in a formal interior design consulation please speak with either Stuart or Tony regarding the fees associated with this. This service is independent of Bolands of Gorey.