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March - Mattress

Did you know we spend one-third of our lives asleep!


The underlying foundation of a good nights sleep is a comfortable bed and the correct mattress. Simply put, this may be the difference between a restorative night's sleep and poor quality sleep which may result in fatigue and tiredness.


If your mattress is 7 years old or more it may be time to think about replacing it. The process of buying a new mattress can sometimes be confusing and daunting simply because its not something we do on a regular basis. 


The Interesting (and sometimes not so nice) info about beds

 + If your mattress is 7 years old it will have clocked up approx 20,000 hours of use.

+ Absorbed a bath full of body moisture (every night half a pint of body moisture - 80 gallons over 7 years!)

+ Every year 1lb of dead skin (that's half a stone over 7 years!)


Each mattress has a natural lifespan which varies from manfacturer and depends on several factors such as quality, care and the amount you use it (is it used for watching tv, reading & sleeping in comparsion to the occasional use of a spare bed). 


Signs you may need a new bed

1. Is your mattress more than 7-10 years old?

2. Are you sleeping as well as you did before?

3. Do you wake up with stiffness and or aches/ pains?

4. Are there visible signs of wear and tear such as sags or lumpyness

5. Have you had a better nights sleep in a mattress other than your own


Shopping for a new bed

- Type of bed - what style do you prefer, do you like a softer or firmer feel?

- Price - try shop for the best value (not the lowest price) - spend as much as you can afford. The better the construction, the better the support and comfort and the longer the bed will last.

- Size - the bigger the bed the less likely you are to disturb your partner. Did you know a standard double gives each person just 2ft 3in of space which is less than a baby in a cot!

- Access - to avoid potential problems with delivery consider areas such as stairs, tight corners etc. You may need to buy a bed such as a divan which splits in two.

- Time - take your time when choosing a new bed. Make sure both you and your partner go shopping together if the bed is for two. Spend as much time as possible lying on each bed in different sleeping positions and shortlist your mattress preference. 


Information source bed advice UK. For more info on any the above or for more detailed guide to beds & mattresses info please visit